Alan Barton

Thanks to early influence of my dad and a few good friends, I had the advantage of beginning my outdoor experience as an early teen and have spent the last thirty-six years enjoying bowhunting and fishing across North America. Its been a huge learning experience for me; I count myself privileged to have had such great guidance along the way. Hunting is something that I am very passionate about, a passion that I share with every member of my family. I would also like to extend a great deal of appreciation to my prostaff; I couldn’t have produced this product without their continuous support.

As bowhunters, we see new products every year. Most new products simply hook the hunter, not the game; I can attest to this based on the sheer number of hunting gadgets collecting dust in my shop. Every once in awhile a prduct comes along that meets expectations; the Trail Cam Visor is just that product! I am very proud to provide this product to you and fully expect your complete satisfaction as it becomes an integral part of your trail camera arsenal. Give it a try- you won’t be disappointed!