Brett Fisher

My name is Brett Fisher and I am a diehard outdoorsman. I was introduced to hunting by my father at the age of 6 and that was 40 years ago. At the age of 46 I have hunted everything from Dove to African Game, but my true passion is bow hunting whitetail deer. Although I rifle and black powder hunt, there is nothing like getting up-close and personal with large whitetail deer. I have introduced my wife to the outdoor world of hunting and fishing and she shares the same drive and passion as I do. Together we hunt hard and long to get a chance to harvest that once in a lifetime buck. To do that we utilize every scouting and hunting tool we can get our hands on.

Scouting cameras have become one of our most used and helpful hunting tool in locating and setting up on that one special buck. Although scouting cameras are a great tool in our arsenal, we have had hundreds of pictures out of focus and blurred, due to rain, dew, frost, snow, birds and predators racking havoc on our cameras. Not Any Morel With the new invention of the Trail Cam Visor, those blurred pictures are a thing of the past. We have added this innovative camera visor into our hunting arsenal and you should too. The Trail Cam Visor will help protect your camera investment along with helping you get unsurpassed picture clarity. We can’t stop Mother Nature, but with the Trail Cam Visor we can limit her effects on our cameras and pictures. There will be a Trail Cam Visor above every one of our cameras from now on!