Dan Gaston

My name is Dan Gaston and I am an avid outdoorsman and bowhunter. While my primary focus is on bowhunting whitetails in the fall, I spend the remainder of my time calling predators, turkeys, and catching various species of both fresh and saltwalter fish. Somehow amidst all that activity, I even find time to frustrate myself on the golf course at every opportunity. My love for bowhunting stems from my previous archery career shooting on various staff positions for PSE, Hoyt, and Matthews; while I have given up the tournament trail, bowhunting whitetails remains my #1 focus.

If you are like me, you’re probably utilizing trail cameras to aid with your scouting efforts; they are invaluable tools to let you see the caliber of whitetails in your respective areas. I’ve used trail cameras over the past five years and experienced first-hand the frustration of having them quit on me due to exposure to inclement weather, or even more importantly, missing out on pictures due to fogged or frozen lenses. I’ve sat around many days thinking to myself, you need to figure out a way to cover these cameras. Well think no more; the new Trail Cam Visor does it all! It’s designed to funnel water away from your camera, doesn’t allow snow, dew or rain to cover your lens, and definitely provides for clear pictures in virtually every weather condition. I tested a prototype in Kansas this past year and the results were astounded! It provided me clearer pictures virtually 100% of the time. I am sold on this product; next season I plan to have one over every camera I own. Try it, you won’t be sorry!